Minor Fixes

After feedback from players, some issues were encountered which I wanted to fix as soon as possible!

  • If you get a _worse_ score than before, it would override your save file anyway => now it (obviously) only saves your highest score
  • A tutorial image was shown on desktop that only applies to mobile => removed
  • Windows didn't show the right icon (but the default icon for my game engine instead) => should be fixed, although this is somehow still hard to consistently fix?
  • Solo mode was made slightly easier, as it was literally impossible to get 3 stars on some levels
  • I swapped the default loading screen (from my game engine) with a custom one :p

That's it, have fun with the game!


i-wish-you-good-hug-windows.zip 26 MB
Version 4 Jul 14, 2021
i-wish-you-good-hug-linux.zip 27 MB
Version 2 Jul 14, 2021
i-wish-you-good-hug-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 2 Jul 14, 2021
I Wish You Good Hug.apk 33 MB
Version 2 Jul 14, 2021

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