Input Update (v1.0.1)

While making my new "One Week Game", my playtesters found a bug where the computer would not properly recognize controllers/input devices if there were many other devices attached to the same computer.

(E.g. it thought that the mouse should be used to control player 1, instead of, you know, player 1's controller. Disconnecting the mouse before plugging in controllers, for this computer, solved all issues. But that's an ugly fix, of course.)

I fixed the issue in that new game. As it uses identical input management code as A Recipe For Disaster, I decided to backport it and fix the issue here as well!

Now you can do ANYTHING and the game should work. You can have two players on controllers, two on keyboard. You can have three mice (is the plural still mice, even for a computer mouse?) connected for all I care. It should work, and if it doesn't, let me know.

That's it, Pandaqi

Files 20 MB
Version 2 Jul 13, 2021 33 MB
Version 2 Jul 13, 2021 21 MB
Version 2 Jul 13, 2021
A Recipe for Disaster.apk 27 MB
Version 3 Jul 13, 2021

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