Update v1.1

A quick update I was able to get out before Halloween! (Although, now that I write about it, the update is much larger than I thought.)



  • Bullseye => clearer explanation and application of the idea. (Throw knife against target to get points. The further your throw traveled, the closer you get to the maximum point value.)
  • Dwarfing Dumplings => players can now die, and if so, they respawn back at their own home base ( = dumpling) after a few seconds. Neatly balances the mode further.



  • Added a completely new arena: the Swimming Pool!
  • Each arena now has some element that removes throwables (ensuring the field is never too full of knives)
  • Similarly, each arena has something for dead players to do and something to slice. (Even if it’s just for fun and decoration.)
  • Some tweaks/additions/visual improvements, such as teleporting knives in Dark Jungle or barrels in the Ghost Town

Core mechanic

Each playtest session I did, I noticed that it just wasn't great to slice things from really close by. This is a game about throwing things, and it's much more fun (and satisfying) to hit/slice things from a distance.

After experimenting and thinking for a while, I settled on the following way to encourage this:

  • Throwing from really close distance (basically standing on top of the other) does not slice them and gives the feedback "Too close!"
  • Throwing from quite nearby has a probability of being succesful, which gets higher the further you get away.
  • Then there's a big range where throwing will always be succesful and slice your opponent.
  • But if you manage to hit someone from the other side of the field, you get a "Long throw!" reward. (Causing your knife to gain speed again, your body to grow, and to slice the other player twice if you're lucky.)


General fixes

  • Minor visual glitches (such as game over rewards handed to players extending beyond the boundaries of the UI)
  • Added sound effects to the newer elements (such as breakable windows or teleporting)
  • (Extra) UI feedback for certain things, like a sand timer that indicates if you’ve been idle for too long (which causes the computer to throw your knife for you). 
  • Similarly, extra buttons for navigating the UI on a controller. (It was impossible to remove a bot with controller before, for example.)
  • Fixed some bugs with not being able to pick up throwables + made it easier to pick them up in general (regardless of their type/shape)
  • Fixed a long list of tiny bugs or annoyances or balance issues. (Won’t put it here for brevity, they’re all boring tiny details.)


carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-windows.zip 24 MB
Version 5 Oct 30, 2021
carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-linux.zip 25 MB
Version 3 Oct 30, 2021
Carving Pumpkins.zip 36 MB
Version 2 Oct 30, 2021

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