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A party game about slicing your friends into smaller and smaller pieces, or protecting a huge dumpling from meeting the same fate.

Each knife thrown has the potential to deflect off the environment. Or get stuck in something. Or realistically slice through your opponent's character. 

But no matter the result, you'll have to retrieve it and go again. Without getting decimated along the way.

🎃What's Pumpkinside?🎃

  • Player count? 2-8 Players. You can easily team up.
  • Input? Keyboard & Controller. (Any combination. Four keyboard players max.)
  • Tutorial? Interactive (tailored instructions above players for a few seconds)
  • Complexity? Anyone can play. Seriously, see below.
  • Variety? Loads  of it. Different modes, arenas, powerups, rules to turn on/off, shapes for players to start with, it goes on.
  • Scary? Not at all. The Halloween theme is just there to add some extra spice. It remains a cartoony family-friendly game. Not a single drop of blood is shown.

The whole game uses only two inputs: move around and throw your (active) knife.

While holding throw, it powers up and rotates for aiming, simple as that. Aiming well, on the other hand ...

Gather your friends or family and carve some pumpkins!

Remark: the game has full support for a solo experience (as bots can be freely added). This game, however, proved too unique to create actually good bots. And it's local multiplayer, so it's not recommended and thus not advertised as such.

🎃A game for everyone🎃

This game was built to be accessible (also to non-gamers) and family friendly.

There are more than enough party games about eliminating others out there, but they are often not friendly to families or beginners. I seek to change that.

That's why you only get two inputs. That's why every rule in the game can be turned on/off. That's why arenas and modes slowly ramp up in difficulty. That's why the game is very visible and intuitive: you die by being sliced into pieces, so your size = your lives.

I sincerely hope you give it a try, no matter what your playing group looks like. And if you don't find it simple enough, let me know and I will try to improve it!

Remark: this game has some "flashy" visual effects whenever someone is sliced, which can be too much for hypersensitive people. It can be turned off in the settings.

Remark: yes, the only reason dumplings  are in the game, is because it made for a nice title. I'm aware dumplings aren't, you know, a main staple at Halloween dinners. Or particularly frightening food.

🎃The Creator🎃

Hi! I'm Tiamo Pastoor, also known as Pandaqi (Games). I make local multiplayer games for literally everyone in hopes of bringing people together.

Feedback? Leave a comment or send me an email at askthepanda@pandaqi.com.

Want more? Visit my studio website for all my work: Pandaqi Games

Or immediately try some of my other (local multiplayer) games, for example:

Want to know the technical details? I've written a long devlog about the development on my game studio blog: [Devlog] Carving Pumpkins

🎃The Demo🎃

The demo is free and unrestricted (it's yours, you can play as long as you want, it won't annoy you with popups), but simply has a slice of the content.

In the demo, you can choose only a small selection of different modes, arenas, throwables and settings.

Why? I think it's important players can test and experience a game before buying it, to see if they really like it. I also realize some people don't have the money to buy games. My main goal is to give people fun experiences, not make money, so I hope the demo can provide that.

If anything's wrong, give me some feedback and we can improve the game together :)


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-windows.zip 24 MB
Version 8
carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-linux.zip 25 MB
Version 6
Carving Pumpkins.zip 36 MB
Version 5

Download demo

carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-windows_demo.zip 24 MB
Version 3
Carving Pumpkins.zip 36 MB
Version 3
carving-pumpkins-and-dwarfing-dumplings-linux_demo.zip 25 MB
Version 3

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