Small update!

Some quality of life fixes after feedback:

  • Clear boundaries on main menu + next level only unlocks once you play the previous => without this, players might accidentally start with the second arena, missing the tutorial for example
  • Similarly, the level now only starts if you actively press a button (instead of automatically when near), so you have time to read and notice the extremely short tutorial next to each arena
  • Main menu became prettier and more decorated.
  • Colors were slightly softened or altered to be less bright. I guess my monitor is just quite dark by default, because I never saw an issue with this, but others said the colors were too bright. So I used several other monitors in the house to better calibrate this.
  • First level was made slightly quicker (keep egg in the air for 10 seconds, instead of 15)

That’s it, enjoy!

If you still find anything, or have other feedback, never hesitate to let me know. Chances are it’s something I simply missed or that can be fixed with two minutes work, improving the game overall.

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Version 4 Dec 23, 2021
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Version 3 Dec 23, 2021 27 MB
Version 3 Dec 23, 2021

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