Don't read this! The game explains itself :)

Your store is too big and succesful. You don't like it. Prevent customers from reaching checkout with a bag full of products. 

  • If they buy too much, you lose the game. 
  • If you manage to clear out the whole store, you win the game.

The theme of the game jam is applied in many ways.

  • A pun for the game's title
  • Selling less is better
  • Having less stuff inside your store is better
  • In general, you get more points/benefits from having less of everything.
  • You only have very simple controls that do one thing


  • Arrow Keys / WASD for movement
  • SPACE for dash

I originally made a completely different game, in 3D. My laptop is an old and broken piece of garbage from 10 years ago, however, which meant my project just would not run (not even in the editor) after a few days. 

Last minute, I pivoted to a completely new idea, one that had to be 2D and very small (given the time constraint). That's the game you see here.

Yes, the items should have been more "wasteful" things (like plastic toys or something). But my time was up! These drawings of ingredients were a leftover from the original 3D idea, which was about recipes.

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