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Into My Arms is a puzzle game in which you control two players ("cubitos"). It can be played single player, but also with two players (each controlling a single cubito, of course)

There are three rules:

  • The two cubitos may never see each other
  • The two cubitos may never move simultaneously
  • To win each level, one of them must step backwards from a height (of at least one tile) and fall into the arms of the cubito standing on the ground.

New mechanics are regularly introduced throughout the levels, like platforms, buttons, mirrors, etc.

The game has 13 levels and is playable on any desktop system (Windows/Mac/Linux) and Android.

The title of the game is taken from the beautiful song Into My Arms by Nick Cave. (Go listen to it now! Now!)

The source code for this game can be found here: https://github.com/Pandaqi/Into-My-Arms


This game features a small story, which also plays when you start the first level of the game. For those who cannot wait, here it is:

Once upon a time, two cubitos were in love.

They wanted to hug, they wanted to dance, yet ... they never got the chance.

Or, as that witch liked to say, "you never TOOK your chance!"

The witch came out of nowhere, like a silent stranger

She took one look, spoke magic words from a magic book, and everything started changing.

Suddenly the two lovers could not look each other in the eye!

Instead, the witch proclaimed, you must take a leap of faith

The only way to pass each stage, is by stepping backwards from a great height

Falling into your lovers arms, that's how love will bloom tonight ...

GitHub Game Off

This is my entry for the GitHub Game Off Jam 2019.

The theme was leaps and bounds. I interpreted that as "taking a leap of faith" and "movement is bounded by the line of sight of the other player"

I had hoped to take the theme and story much further, like attaching players to objects with ropes  that the other player would have to cut. But alas, time is short!

I had also hoped to use more of the themes/imagery in the song Into My Arms (which inspired this game). For example, the song speaks of candles and angels guiding your path - light could surely become an interesting (and visually beautiful) mechanic in such a game.

As such, I am seriously considering to continue development once the game jam is over. If you'd like to see this game get a full release (with more levels, more polish, and a better story), please let me know!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Co-op, Isometric, love, Multiplayer, Relaxing, story
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Version 4
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Thank you! Do you have any feedback for me? Do you think it's worth it to turn this into a full game (more levels, more polish, etc.)?