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Package Party

A couch co-op about delivering packages! (On time, and not completely damaged.) · By Pandaqi


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#26 Player modifiers/powerups
Welcome to the twenty-sixth devlog! This time I want to talk about player powerups (or “modifiers”). When I started development on this game, I never though...
#25 Tutorial: dynamic masking
Welcome to the twenty-fifth devlog! This one is delayed by a few days (I try to post them weekly), sorry about that. I am also participating in the GitHub game...
#24 Fun vs Frustration
Welcome to the twenty-fourth devlog! Last devlog marked the release of v0.2 of the game, with MANY changes to the gameplay. In this devlog I want to explain wha...
#23 Version 0.2 - five levels!
It's finally here! Version 0.2, with five playable levels! I'm really happy this update is out and my playtesters seem to like the game more and more. A lot has...
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#22 Pathfinding and Package Timers
Welcome to the twenty-second devlog! As I’ve been creating levels for the game these past few weeks, there’s been only one consistent roadblock: setting goo...
#21 Input management
Welcome to the twenty-first devlog! Today I want to talk about input management: how I made the game playable for any controller and keyboard (at most two playe...
#20 Better Camera & Better Players
Welcome to the twentieth devlog! The past week or so I’ve been making improvements to the camera and player control again, and here I want to explain why and...
#19 Level 2 – The “catching” mechanic
Welcome to the nineteenth devlog! With level 1 finished, I can finally start work on level 2. In this devlog, I will explain my though process and how I went ab...
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