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Package Party

A couch co-op about delivering packages! (On time, and not completely damaged.) · By Pandaqi


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Devlog #31: Some good news, some bad news
Welcome to the thirty-first devlog! It’s been two months since the last devlog. That’s a long time, especially considering all other devlogs were at most on...
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#30 Creating a Website
Welcome to the thirtieth devlog! A few days ago, I published the latest major version of the game (version 0.3, with 13 levels). I’m very proud of it and hope...
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#29 Version 0.3 released - Thirteen levels!
The moment has arrived! The moment you've all been waiting for! I've just uploaded version 0.3 of Package Party , which has .... Thirteen levels => 3 in world...
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#28 Evolving mechanics
Welcome to the twenty-eighth devlog! In the previous devlog, I explained that I was able to playtest the game (a lot) and gained valuable feedback from that. Th...
#27 Why playtesting matters (a lot)
Welcome to the twenty-seventh devlog! Last week a rare and magical event occurred: I was able to playtest the game four times with four different playgroups . T...
#26 Player modifiers/powerups
Welcome to the twenty-sixth devlog! This time I want to talk about player powerups (or “modifiers”). When I started development on this game, I never though...
#25 Tutorial: dynamic masking
Welcome to the twenty-fifth devlog! This one is delayed by a few days (I try to post them weekly), sorry about that. I am also participating in the GitHub game...
#24 Fun vs Frustration
Welcome to the twenty-fourth devlog! Last devlog marked the release of v0.2 of the game, with MANY changes to the gameplay. In this devlog I want to explain wha...
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This topic is for Feature Requests . If there's anything you'd like to see in the game, please tell me! This is also the...
started by Pandaqi Oct 17, 2019
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This topic is for Bug Reports . If you find something in the game that doesn't work, but should be working, please let m...
started by Pandaqi Oct 17, 2019
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