#18 Version 0.1 – A playable level 1

Great news! I just made the game page public and uploaded the first demo: a fully functional level 1, free to download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Of course, I would love it if you tried the game and gave me feedback.

(I call it version 0.1 because it’s the first major version I put on the website, but in reality I don’t really know how to number versions correctly for these types of games. There’s already a lot of functionality, so maybe this is like version 0.6 or something.)

With this demo comes even more great news: the devlogs will finally be “in sync” with the progress. Anytime I have new information to share, like progress on a new level or a newly implemented mechanic, I will immediately write a devlog about it and publish it here.

I can’t make any definitive statements about the frequency of updates. Sometimes things go really well and I might have a new level in a few days, sometimes I have to implement huge systems that take time.  I think you can expect an update roughly once a week.

Of course, you can always leave comments or contact me via the game page, which I will read much more often than once a week :p

Hope you have fun playing this first demo!

Until the next devlog,


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